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Flexible trustee services with international tax expertise


Expertise. Client care. Value. Three guiding principles that are essential for any successful professional trustee firm.

Having spent many years working with a variety of offshore trustees we felt there was scope for improvement. And so OneE Trustee Services was founded.

Some years and thousands of settlements later, we remain committed to adhering to the very same principles. We pride ourselves on providing clients with an industry-leading, flexible trustee service at an acceptable cost, making OneE a well-regarded and fast-growing provider of professional trusteeship services.

OneE Trustee Services Limited is an EU-based fiduciary, operating out of Limassol, focused on servicing various trust and corporate structures in a fast, reliable and robust manner. Our expertise in offshore trust-based planning and emphasis on the provision of excellent client care has led to hundreds of trusts being migrated to OneE’s friendlier, more flexible and cost-effective environment. Moreover, and unlike the majority of trust providers, OneE Trustees is reinforced with the tax expertise of the OneE Group. Trust services with tax expertise is a difficult combination to find, yet it is so crucial to the overall success of many projects.

We offer a practical pricing structure and pride ourselves on our clear and transparent fee quotes. Loyalty is rewarded through discounted annual fees for clients with multiple structures in place, providing both substantial cost savings as well as significantly reduced paperwork. We also offer significant discounts to clients willing to set aside funds at the outset, to cover longer term fees. Wherever possible we avoid charging fees on a time-spent basis and agree all fees in advance.

Whether your client is interested in establishing an offshore structure, is unhappy with their current trustees, or is simply interested in professional protectorship services, OneE can help.

Some of the services we can provide include:-

  • Management of Employment-related Trusts
  • Management of general Discretionary Trusts
  • Management of Interest in Possession Trusts (“IIPs”)
  • Price Comparison Service
  • Corporate Services
  • Protectorship

For more information about how our fiduciary services may be of benefit to your clients, please call us directly on 01204 559914 or send an email to info@oneegroup.com