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Aftercare Landing Page


The following Factsheets are intended as guidance only, any views expressed within these documents do not constitute formal advice. We recommend you initially refer to the documents provided at the time of engagement as these will contain any advice upon which you can rely.

  1. 2019 Loan Charge
  2. Annual Trustee Fees
  3. Company Liquidation (Joshua) Factsheet
  4. Company Liquidation (Lazarus & EFRBS) Factsheet
  5. Deceased Borrower - Joshua
  6. E-Bibles & Summaries
  7. HMRC Enquiries
  8. Ongoing Requirements (Lazarus & EFRBS) Factsheet
  9. Ongoing Requirements (Joshua) Factsheet
  10. P11D Factsheet
  11. Post Death Position (Covenantors, Borrowers, SE SB RE)
  12. Terminating a Trust

An aftercare service was available to OneE Tax clients for a 12 month period following engagement. As you will be aware OneE Tax is now in liquidation and as such is no longer providing any services. Defence services will continue to be provided by OneE TDI. Any correspondence for OneE Tax Limited should be directed to the liquidator, David Thornhill at the following address:

FRP Advisory LLP, 7th Floor, Ship Canal House, 98 King Street, Manchester M2 4WU

If your query is in relation to an ongoing enquiry with HMRC, please contact our dedicated team at enquiries@oneegroup.com.

For any investment related queries, please continue to liaise with investments@oneegroup.com.

If you wish to engage with OneE Group for current, bespoke advice please email our dedicated team at consulting@oneegroup.com.